India Heritage Walk Festival is a month-long festival led by Sahapedia. With its varied lineup, it explores the diversity that characterizes the cultural fabric of our country, such as, food, heritage, nature, art, architecture, and so on. There will be walks, talks, and films from across India covering a broad spectrum of Indian heritage and culture.

Ranging from museums, and historically significant monuments and markets, to explorations of interesting natural landscapes and areas known for their rich cuisine, the programme is curated thematically. The focus has been to encourage and increase different forms of engagement with interesting and important heritage spaces, while also ensuring these heritage spaces are made accessible to various audience groups. These efforts have also been specially directed towards those groups for whom engagement programmes in heritage spaces are commonly unavailable, such as children, the differently-abled, those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, for instance. We have also curated specific walks and events with specific user groups in mind, such as students, travelers, local residents, professional groups such as photographers, conservationists, and so on.

Through the festival, Sahapedia aims to highlight these issues to other institutions in the culture space and emphasize the need to make heritage spaces more interesting and inclusive.

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