The Citadel of Djinns - Feroz Shah Kotla

Delhi is a city of many cities, each of them faced destruction and rose up like phoenixes. Our curated experience will be in the citadel of Feroz Shah Kotla, the living grandeur of the last Tughluq emperor, which was part of his city, Firozabad. This 14th century monument embodies elements that continue to be intriguing. Through this experience, you will get a chance to encounter the magic of the monument and understand why Delhi has been called the City of Djinns. It will start with an introduction to the history of the monument and the Tughluq empire it belonged to. We will cover the important sites within the monument, including the Ashokan Pillar and the Jama Masjid. And finally, to add to the thrill, we will pass through the places where djinns are worshipped. This journey will conclude with a 15-minute interactive session.

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Feroz Shah Kotla Fort
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