Temple Walls as Exhibition Spaces: Symbolism in Indian Temple Architecture
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Heritage Art & Design
24 May


Sanathana Y.S.
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03:30 pm - 05:30 pm


Assam State Museum


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About the Talk

Indian temples were created to bring deities and devotees together. The architectural symbolism in these places of worship was used to express ideas of early Indian philosophy. Indian temples incorporated all the elements and the assumptions of the cosmos as well as early ideas on the essence of life. This baithak intends to highlight the symbolism behind the various traditions of temple architecture. After touching on different styles of temple building, including Nagara, Dravida and a few other regional varieties, the baithak will focus on temple walls as exhibition spaces. It will also attempt to showcase the temple style that prevailed in the Brahmaputra valley, based on archaeological remains.



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