Terms and Conditions

To register as a walk leader with Sahapedia, you shall have to agree to our Terms and Conditions:

  • To register as a walk leader, you have to fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

  • India Heritage Walks are research intensive and aim to only convey facts that have a thorough and strong backing. We expect our walk leaders to extensively use resources and literature available on their respective walks.

  • The walk leader receives remuneration per walk and the walk is free for participants.

  • Ideating, creating and scheduling a walk can now be carried out on the Walk Leader Dashboard. All our compiling and editing processes are done on the dashboard. Once a walk leader is brought on-board, dashboard credentials are shared with them.

  • Walk ideas (tentative date, time, place of the walk) are first approved by our Publisher, after which details of the walk are uploaded. Hosting India Heritage Walks is a multi-step process. The Dashboard is user-friendly, with a Guide available to help you at every step.

  • The walk venue, route and duration are decided by the walk leader. Once the walk leader finalizes these details, he/she will upload all these on the dashboard.  It is imperative to upload a photograph of any of the monuments or aspects covered in the walk for the creative. This material should be created originally by you, or taken under the Creative Commons License (including the photographs). A sample write-up of a walk is attached.

  • The content uploaded by you is edited by our team and checked for plagiarism. Our design team also prepares a poster for the walk, using the photograph you have taken.

  • Once your walk is scheduled, you will be able to see the participation list on your dashboard.

  • During the walk, you can take a roll call and note down the contact details of unregistered participants. This is to be shared with the Publisher via dashboard.

  • As an India Heritage Walks leader, please do not use content or language aimed to incite conflict.

  • During the walk, you are required to click 10-15 photographs, and one group photograph, which are to be uploaded on the dashboard.

  • A Feedback Form is attached on the dashboard which should be printed out and handed to the participants. This has to be filled by every participant after the walk. (Not applicable for Delhi Walks)

  • Introduction to Sahapedia and India Heritage Walks (mandatory, to be shared with walk participants at the beginning of each walk), Guidelines and Sexual Harassment Policy are available on your dashboard for easy access.


Code of Ethics

  • The Heritage Walk Leader shall always be aware of projecting a good and positive image of  our cultural landscape and India Heritage Walks by Sahapedia, adhering to the ancient Indian concept of “Atithi Devo Bhava”.

  • They shall be courteous and helpful to the participants and carry out their ethical and moral responsibilities with dignity.

  • They will, therefore, bear in mind that ‘word of mouth’ publicity has a tremendous impact on the perception of an organisation, as it is more valuable than the most expensive advertisement that can be put out.

  • They will always be courteous, efficient and tactful, while being warm and hospitable.

  • They will ensure that the information provided is up to date with regard to the latest developments in the country.

  • They will be sensitive to the various aspects of culture and tradition, and be well-versed in subjects relating to local customs, habits and traditions to ensure that there is mutual respect between participants and locals.

  • The walk leader must conduct thorough and authentic research and put forward information on communalism, religion, religious changes and controversies carefully and sensitively.

  • They shall, at all times, perform their entrusted duties and be of exemplary conduct, not only in dealing with participants but also others such as government servants and members of the public.

  • They shall refrain from unethical or discriminatory conduct. They will neither enter into partisan or dubious deals for monetary and other gains nor will they intentionally mislead participants.

  • They will respect and safeguard our heritage, culture, monuments and ecology and also impress upon the participants to do the same.